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  • 9TYZ Bio

    Jamaican artiste, Natisha Scott known more popularly as 9tyz, has built a firm foundation in the music business and has amassed a huge following thanks to her catchy lyrics, increasingly impressive performances, and of course her arresting charm.

    The twenty one year old has had a passion for music for as long as she can remember and so decided to embark on a musical journey, with the intention of making groundbreaking contributions.

    While her music is influenced by many genres, her appeal is distinctly dancehall with international elements. With her bold and unique style, the fast rising artiste is steadily making progress as a force to be reckoned with.

    So far, she is working closely with Ocho Rios based producer Tevino from YGF Records and has released songs to include Mr. Hot Bwoy (2018), Slow Wine (2018), and Happy Time (2018). She has spent the time on the scene for a hopeful takeover as a force in her own right. With a talent like this, she has stayed true to her philosophy " The sky is not the limit,the limit is beyond the sky"