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Asten Isaac

  • Asten Isaac Bio

    On July 21, 1987 St. James Trinidad, Asten Isaac was born to humble beginnings. At a very young age, Asten enjoy singing for others, with hope that one day he can take his music to the world. Throughout the years Asten's love for music grew tremendously as he diligently sharpened his skills in musical renditions and lyrical compositions in numerous social events. 

    Synergy Soca Star, Sound Stage, Soca Monarch Semi-finals, Caylpso Monarch Semi-finals, Klassic Ruso Calypso Tent and many corporate competitions were all part of his training grounds. In 2010 Asten was awarded third place at the Young Kings Calypso Competition, second place at the NJAC's Extempo Competition and first place at the Star Of Tomorrow Competition. He was also awarded by the National Youth Action Committee for Best Songwriter/Arranger in that year.

    He now possesses an arsenal of over 100 written songs some of which were composed for popular artists such as Kes, Blaxx and Destra Garcia.