Staynless releases 'Transition' EP -
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Staynless releases 'Transition' EP

Dancehall Artist, DJ and song writer Joel Dunn; known professionally as Staynless rocketed into music,
making a sharp turn from acting chief engineer to pursuing a dancehall artist career full-time with limited experience. Beginning in 2017, the artist released his first Single “Right Now” which received wavy reviews, however the DJ juggling both an engineering and musical career, quickly realized that music required full time attention. The Stony Hill, Kingston DJ resigned from his engineering post in 2020 and ambushed the music industry with a surprised EP release; Transition EP. The project demonstrated a progressively wavy, melodic, lighthearted flows and a more aggressive style which portrayed confidence; which made a statement to the dancehall music fraternity.

Born October 8, 1993 in Kingston, Staynless grew up in a volatile community with an unending passion for music and knew from an early stage that music and education was his way out. Committed to his educational commitment, Staynless read for his degree at the university of the West Indies acquiring accolades such as: four consecutive Honours Society Awards, Dean’s list Awards and First Class Honours Award. The now DJ graduated magna cum laude with the only First Class Honours Degree issued in engineering for the year 2016.

With the aim of making an indelible mark on dancehall music and surpassing musical heights of many dancehall acts; Staynless started the first step with his release of the Transition EP. The project included: lead single Di Plug, VVS, Zip Bag, Mommy Wish, Di Reason, Di Language, Gouch and a cameo “Illuminate” which began to attract a fast growing fanbase.

Staynless Transition EP depicts a time in the artist life when a few important changes were made; some which he described as transitioning from: Bondage to liberation, from a worker to a Gaffer, from childless to a parent and from amateur to a professional dancehall artist. These were a few topics highlighted in the entertainer’s fans favourite single “Big Dreams”.

Transition EP

Staynless Music
Album: Transition EP
Label: Lundon Records
7th Elizabeth Court, Meriden, Connecticut, 06450, USA

Staynless , Transition

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